Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Dodge Commercial Traveler Part One

Quoted from the brochure, Business & Professional Users Report on: The Dodge Commercial Traveler; "The Dodge Commercial Traveler - more economical than a branch office and covering far more territory - can extend the scope of your business far beyond its present territorial limitations. Right now Dodge Commercial Traveler sales offices, field offices, etc., are doing for hundreds of businesses what yours could be doing for you: reaching more of your market as the mobile right arm of your business" (Page 2).

The brochure goes on to describe the many ways the Dodge Commercial Traveler is utilized; field research vehicle, mobile lab, sounds systems demonstrator, testing centre for students, annunciator exhibit, motorized bank branch. Other users include; Attorneys, beauty salons, candidates for public office, delicatessens, photographers, doctors, field offices, dog kennels, blood banks, various governmental agonies, and the United States Air Force. The units are custom crafted to the exact requirements of the purchaser. The brochure outlines standard specifications, standard equipment, and optional equipment available.

I have not been fortunate enough to ever see a Dodge Commercial Traveler unit in real life, but the brochure offers some photo of the many unique configurations.


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